Here are online resources that give you access to literature and other media for psychoanalysis. Material keeps being added, so refresh!


The PEP-WEB is the Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing Company's searchable online database of psychoanalytic writings. It includes full-text articles from all the major psychoanalytic journals, the entire Standard Edition of Freud, and some seminal texts and relevant newsletters. It is updated regularly to include all journal articles up to three years before the current date. As a member of Division 39 (regular member or affiliate) you are eligible to subscribe to the PEP-WEB for $60 a year. Affiliate membership is $95 a year.

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Candidates are required to have access to PEP-WEB, as this is our library. One of the benefits of distance learning is that you have at your fingertips the most comprehensive psychoanalytic library in the world wherever you are.

Lacanian Connections

The PEP-WEB does not have much on Lacanian thought, which is central to our understanding, so here are links to texts and more. Some are pdf files, others links to websites.

Clear and current overview of Lacan's thoughts: Lacan Overview

Lacan's Seminars: Seminars

Lacan's Ecrits: Ecrits

Encyclopedia of Lacanian Psychoanalysis: Encyclopedia

Articles by Lacan:

|Family Complexes |Direction of Treatment |Mirror Stage

Books and articles by others:

|Verhaeghe: Subject and Body |Verhaeghe:Actual Neurosis |Verhaeghe: Sinthome


Freud wanted psychoanlysis to be grounded in neurology, and that's come true, with significant additions. Some seminal texts:

|Panksepp1 |Panksepp2 |Panksepp3 |Damasio:Self Comes to Mind |Damasio:Spinoza |Kandel:Search of Memory |Kandel:New Framework Psychiatry |FUNDAMENTAL NEUROSCIENCE


Our history is strongly influenced by unconscious cultural, economic and trauma based motivations. Lloyd DeMause, pre-eminent psychohistorian, has some scary insights. Works: |DeMause: Incest |Evolution of Childhood |

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