We train clinicians to understand and use comprehensive and effective treatments for people who are mentally suffering, based on current insights of psychoanalysis, neuroscience and psychology.

Our training happens by phone, Skype and email, and is available to anyone, anywhere.

The last century has seen an explosion of information on the nature and functioning of the mind. We can image brains, and see how they change following psychodynamic psychotherapy. We also know that mental illness is a consequence of traumatic, hurtful experiences that unleash powerful negative affects and cause disruptions to the formation and integrity of the mind. Given the quantity and complexity of knowledge coming from many different areas of study, we teach from a multidisciplinary perspective, with a strong foundation in neuroscience.

Psychoanalysis synthesizes these theories into the best methods to permanently change the selves of our patients towards integration, fulfillment and pro-social relationships.

CCMPS is an innovative distance learning training institute. Psychoanalysis is called the talking cure, and by words is how we explore the mind. We make advanced education available to you anywhere, using phone and web technology.

Mission Statement

We offer a course of study leading to theoretical and clinical competence, in psychoanalysis, that is accessible from anywhere that has internet connection. We also provide psychoanalytic education to interested members of our global community, because we believe in the wide applicability of psychoanalysis, not only in the treatment situation, but everywhere, from parenting to education, politics, business, art and social research. Psychoanalytic knowledge is essential for our survival, as it provides the user manual for our brain.